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Strawberry / Jordgubb bar 32g

Reztart’s bars is only made of natural ingredients. All products contain a unique composition of proteins, dietary fiber, slow release carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.

Reztart is based on a Swedish patent of a nutrient formulation – NGC (Nutritional Glycemic Control) containing a rich spectra of pure whole foods natural nutrients including 3 highly potent sources of protein – peas, egg with an optimal balance of Omega 3 & 6 where the hens have been fed with special natural vegetable feed only, whey as well as apple, rosehip and dietary fibers. Reztart Strawberry also contain apple juice, real pieces of strawberry, crispy pieces of whey, inulin, natural flavors, color from red cabbage and ascorbic acid.

Reztart is made of all natural ingredients for optimal absorption of all good nutrients by your body. In addition Reztart contains in a natural way a lot of micronutrients like vitamines, minerals and antioxidants. All products are free from trace of nuts and gluten.

Sold in exports markets outside EU. Currently available in China together with WingLung. Please contact info@reztart.se if interested.