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Below you can read the answers to the most common questions we get.

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What is Reztart?

The body needs a healthy well-balanced diet in order to have enough energy and to feel good. Reztart®  is a new type of snack product available as both a bar and a drink. The products are made using natural ingredients.
  • a nutritious snack
  • high in protein (3 different sources) and high in dietary fibre
  • contains the useful and essential amino acids Omega 3 & 6
  • the result of 10 years’ Swedish research


What makes Reztart unique?

Reztart®  is the result of 10 years’ Swedish research by Indevex and their research partners. The products are based on natural ingredients and are high in protein and dietary fibre.


What does Reztart contain?

Reztart® is based on a Swedish patented mix of nutrients called ‘NGC formula’, which contains a rich variety of purely natural nutrients – three sources of protein: peas, egg and whey.
Essential fatty acids with balanced levels of Omega 3 & 6.
Slow-release carbohydrates from apple, rosehip and dietary fibre.


Where can I buy Reztart?

Reztart® is available at 7-Eleven, Pressbyrån, Shell, Statoil, ICA To Go, Mat på Jobbet, SATS Sports Club, Medley, Willys, Hemköp, golf clubs and other good stores, gyms and sports centres.


When should I eat Reztart?

Reztart®  is a nutritious supplement for between your regular meals, be it between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner; or just when you need that little something between meals.
A snack can be just what’s needed before or after the gym, when studying, at work or before beginning household chores in the evening, for example.
Reztart®  is easy to take with you on the go, allowing you to avoid unhealthy food options.


How often can I eat Reztart?

Our bodies need exercise, good quality sleep and a regular well-balanced diet in order to have enough energy and to feel good.
We believe you should aim for a healthy lifestyle where Reztart® is a nutritious supplement for between your usual meals.


Reztart and protein

Reztart® is high in protein. Protein is the body’s own building blocks – it helps create muscle and is essential to our overall health. Protein is needed to build cells, to create hormones, enzymes and parts of the immune system.
Reztart® contains three highly-concentrated sources of protein: Egg, peas and whey.


Does Reztart® contain artificial ingredients, sweeteners or added sugar?

No, Reztart® only contains natural ingredients and naturally-occurring sugars.


Reztart and sugar

The total amount of sugars in a Reztart® product is comparable to the amount found in a medium-sized apple. As the sugars in Reztart® are mostly from apple (primarily apple juice), they have the same constitution in principle as a fresh apple, i.e. natural fructose. In addition, fructose differs from other sugars in that it has a very low GI score of 22, meaning it only slightly raises blood sugar levels.


Reztart® is available as drinks and bars. Which one is best for me?

The effects are the same, whether you choose the drinks or the bars. It’s up to you which one suits your lifestyle best. If you’re always on the go, a couple of bars stashed in your bag can be ideal for when you fancy a snack. A couple of bars and a drink are a great option when you are out and about in the car or on the bus. If you play golf, both the drinks and the bars are a fantastic snack to help maintain concentration. The products are easy to have at home, at work, to take to the gym or to school.
The drinks do not need to be kept refrigerated, but do taste best when served cold.


Can children and pregnant women have Reztart?

Reztart® is a product that contains only healthy ingredients, and we all need to eat well, no matter what our age or lifestyle.


Does Reztart contain nuts?

Our products do not contain any traces of nuts.


Can I have Reztart® if I’m allergic to gluten, wheat or am lactose intolerant?

Reztart® products contain no traces of gluten and are suitable for people with gluten allergies. However, the Apple & Cinnamon and Banana & Chocolate in the old-style packaging do contain gluten in the form of crisped wheat.
Both Reztart® drinks and bars contain lactose from whey.


Can a vegetarian have Reztart® products, as they contain Omega 3, which usually comes from fish oil?

The Omega 3 in Reztart® only ever comes from egg, and the chickens that supply our eggs are fed a special balanced diet. Reztart® therefore contains no fish oils.


Are there any side-effects to Reztart® products?

No side-effects have been observed.


Reztart bar contains palm kernel oil. Why?

The products contain palm kernel oil in the cover at the bars to get the right consistency and to cover, especially the chocolate coating, do not become gray and “flower” as it is called.

We are members of Green Palm organization that administers trade of green certificates and we buy certificates corresponding to our consumption of palm kernel oil. Green Palm is linked rill RPSO, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and the proceeds of the certificates will go directly to support palm oil plantations to support the production of sustainable palm oil.

We have this as one of our main priorities to try to change, but as long as the plants are not developed a solution, we ensure that compensate our consumption.

Our drinks are free from palm kernel oil.


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